Monday, September 27, 2010


Why Hello Pretty Little Kitties..

Thank- you to those who have already befriended han&bear! We thought our first message should give you a little insight into what we are all about! han&bear will offer a range of pre-loved clothing and accessories. Some of which will be altered with a h&b touch, others which will remain in their original state, all of which will be to the highest quality. Expect to find vintage/retro from the '40s, 50s, '60s, '70s and '80s as well as other kitsch and unique items we have managed to discover and recreate. We believe this new movement into recycled clothing and the revival of eras past is definitely a good direction for fashion to head. Not only are we helping control what we consume but we can be far more creative in the process. For what is perhaps someone's trash, maybe someone else's treasure! This is all so new, so please bear with us while we get this show on the road. We promise to have photos up very very soon and we will definitely be having some stalls at markets, as well as garage sales throughout Spring and Summer!! In the meantime, please don't keep this a secret, we need you to help spread the word!!


han&bear x

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