Monday, November 15, 2010

groovey baby.

We thought we would share a fine fine moment of papa bear's alter ego..
All in celebration of Bears 21st of course..

just too brilliant to keep to ourselves. peace and love baby.

twenty-one candels on the cake.

So han and bear stopped all the hard work for a little party time over the weekend, in celebration of (Sarah) bear's 21'st birthday.. a 1960's inspired cocktail party..

Monday, November 1, 2010

hello sailor.

ahoy girls and boys.
ohhh.. how very slack we have been once again in updating you all..

In all fairness we were busy preparing for our first Hello Sailor stall, filling in Uni applications and working full time.. time just slipped away!!

Hello Sailor at The Grace Darling on Smith St Collingwood, was sensational!! Amazing in general, and even more so for our second gig. The han&bear stall was alive and buzzing, right from the get go! 
You will be able to find us again on the 28th of November, 12-6pm once again at the Grace Darling. Wonderful restaurant, bar, live music and market festivites. Really has it all going on! 

Hope to see you all soon.

han&bear x

Sunday, October 10, 2010


hello kitties,
Sorry we have been so slack at updating our blog- but we had been soooo busy preparing for our first stall. Which we are happy to announce, was such a success!!! 

han&bear thought they would share some happy snaps with you of the day!!

The weather was a beautiful 25 degrees! Which made sitting in the sun not a hassle in the slightest! Along with a wonderful cafe connected to the market filled with fresh homemade breakfasts, lunches and deserts. yumm.

I don't think we even realised how much we had until it was all un-packed and displayed!! The more the better we say!!

The first time is always the most difficult. Finding the best way to pack and display the most appropriately. Definitely need to down size our packing load!!! A few too many boxes, trolleys and storage bags!

 All things considered we had a great response and interest in what we had to offer, so we will definitely continue looking into other markets and applying for as many days at rose street as we can.

I don't think we could have asked for a better first market stall!! A big thank you to both our papa's for helping us with the load, aswel as all of you that headed to the market that made our experience a huge success!!

Han (right) & Bear (left)

Big love from han&bear xx

Sunday, October 3, 2010

step up.

you are my sunshine.

Han and i headed down to the Rose Street Market today, just to get our bearings right for next weekend. 
It is wonderful!! 
We are so privileged to have a place in the stall on Sunday! 

The tags are now attached to all the jewellery. Next step are the shoes(*no pun intended hehe) and tomorrow the clothes should also be tagged. 
We still have to find some carry bags and hopfully have our stamp printed tomorrow! Everything has happened so fast! Fingers crossed everything falls into place on the day!! 
han&bear x